Using the Voice of Philanthropy

A statewide health foundation has long supported public policy change through grants to advocacy organizations. It is contemplating whether to engage in advocacy directly through public education, educating lawmakers, and policy research. In this project, Platform Civic Strategies could offer:

Political Capital Assessment: Assessing the foundation’s political capital to determine when and how the foundation’s voice will matter most for policy change.

Gap Analysis: Interviewing foundation grantees to clarify what supports they need to advance their advocacy goals and which gaps the foundation can help fill.

Risk Evaluation: Working with key staff and the Board to gauge the foundation’s risk tolerance, which will shape the kinds of strategies and issues the foundation should consider.

Comprehensive Strategy Recommendation: Providing the foundation, based on the above research, with a recommendation for its advocacy, including parameters for its engagement that will maximize the foundation’s impact, honor the contribution of its partners, and respect the culture of the foundation.