Sustaining Home Visitation Programs

A regional education foundation is making a multi-year investment in child home visitation. These evidence-based programs achieve consistently strong outcomes. A consortium of local nonprofits has emerged with an interest in developing a collaborative approach to home visitation. Platform Civic Strategies is engaged to develop strategies to support this effort and to ensure sustainability into the future. In this capacity, Platform Civic would offer:

Public Funding Assessment: Analyzing the various public funding streams available for home visitation programs and recommendations for building the program to compete for existing funding streams.

Policy Recommendation: Identifying specific public policies that would create new funding streams for home visitation programs, such as securing Medicaid reimbursement.

Communications Strategy: Developing a public policy and communications strategy for the effort so that its accomplishments are celebrated by both the public and lawmakers.

Grassroots Engagement: Recommending various strategies to generate grassroots support for the home visitation program, including mobilizing parents and families as advocates.