Strategic Planning for Policy Change

A newly-created nonprofit organization seeks to advocate for more equitable criminal justice policies by empowering the voices of former offenders and their families. The organization enjoys a groundswell of support but as a newly incorporated organization, has limited funding and no strategic plan. Platform Civic Strategies would provide strategic planning that includes:

Field Analysis: Assessing the broader field of criminal justice reform advocacy to provide the organization with context for understanding its unique voice and role.

Strategic Planning: Developing a strategic planning process that prioritizes efforts to partner with existing criminal justice advocacy groups, think tanks and legal experts so that the organization can remain focused on what it does best: elevating the voices of those most impacted by current criminal justice policies.

Execution Workplan: Creating a detailed execution plan that includes key metrics to inform the organization’s strategy.

Fundraising Plan: Building a fundraising plan that provides the organization with possible funders, potential roadblocks to funding, and concise messaging to share the organization’s mission and impact.